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Civilization 5 Herfst patch is uit (

De langverwachte grote patch is uitgebracht door Firaxis, en te downloaden via Steam.

Zie http://store.steampo...tes&appids=8930 voor de (enorme) lijst met veranderingen, onder andere ondersteuning voor Windows 8 en touch screens.

- Many performance optimizations specifically targeted to Ultrabooks with Intel Core processors with HD Graphics.
- New launcher button for Windows 8 Intel touch-enabled version.
- Touch/Gesture Support:
o New “gesture” menu button on main menu, and when you bring up the main menu in-game.
o New sliders to control zoom and momentum speed in Options menu.
o Single finger tap for all UI buttons.
o Single finger drag for scroll bars or two fingers together swiping to scroll menus by gesture.
o Single-finger touch and drag to see tool-tips (terrain, UI, etc.).
o Pinch and expand finger for camera zoom.
o Two fingers dragging together moves map.
o Three finger tap is “escape” (from other menus, or to bring up Main Menu).
o Unit Control:
+ Single-finger tap to select unit, and then drag to issue a movement order, or...
+ Double-tap to enter “movement mode”.
+ Once in movement mode, single-tap on destination to issue an order, or touch and drag to preview movement path.

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